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Mar 01, 2012 after providing an insightful overview of saes historical development, the book gives detailed explanations of the epc architecture and key concepts as an introduction. Engineering, procurement and construction epc projects. Eps architecture main components of the architecture ue user equipment. There are few more components which have not been shown in the diagram to keep it simple. Architects, the architecture students handbook of professional practice. The lte epc performs a series of network functions that flatten the architecture by minimizing the number of nodes in the network. Eps architecture ip multimedia subsystem data transmission. The following links provide a good introduction to epc based onaccess. Zoe talent solutions delivers training in various ways, depending on the topic and audience. Going beyond traditional projectbased erp, epicor offers comprehensive project management with multilevel work breakdown structures, robust resource scheduling and effective. Architecture extensions and vertical industries pdf free. Every rfid tag contains its unique electronic product code epc number. The evolved packet core communicates with packet data networks in the outside world such as the internet, private corporate networks or. Such a world can be realised with the combination of an automatic identification technology and a ubiquitous computer network that will glue the physical world together.

Core network evolution from epc to 5g core made easy ericsson. Driving a car the cell phone broadband wave pdf content about download the publication download epc and 4g bundle sites. The concept of a networked physical world originated from the autoid center, now called the autoid labs 1. The node configuration of the epc network is shown in.

The adoption of a service based architecture sba for agile service creation. A pure identity epc uri is the primary representation of an epc as an internet uniform resource identifier uri. The evolved packet core epc thecorenetwork the architecture of evolved packet core epc has been illustrated below. Epcm contract sample construction owners association of. Pdf the paper discusses the 3gpp evolved packet core epc as an implementation of a flat data plane architecture. A site that brings both authors and readers into the world of free legal ebooks. Authors with their ebooks will benefit greatly from the large community of readers and the readers will in return, of course, will have lots of materials to read to their hearts content. It is essentially a flowchartbased diagram but there are some specific symbols used only in epc. To facilitate searching offline and printing, selected instruments are available as amended since the print edition for download in pdf format. Architecture and design download free ebooks legally. This newly developed epc consists of the mme and pcrf for processing only control signals and the epc serving and pdn gateway espgw 10.

The epc has defined the connectivity, security, and expansion capabilities of the nextgeneration mobility core. To ensure the best practices of epc usage, epcglobal devised the epcglobal architecture framework epcaf, a collection of hardware, software, and data standards. New control plane in 3gpp lteepc architecture for on. Epc diagram shapes epc diagrams eventdriven process chain diagrams are a type of flowcharts used to visualize, analyze, and optimize redesign business processes. Methods, systems, and computer readable media for conditiontriggered policies us8605583b2 en. These components are like the earthquake and tsunami warning system etws, the equipment identity register eir and. Long term evolution evolved packet core lteepc ixia. The latter offer services in specifications writing, code and life safety issues, exterior wall design, theaters, sport venues, laboratories and hospitals, and physical model building as. If you continue to access and utilise this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the. An indepth overview of the epc architecture and its connections to the wide variety of network accesses, including lte, lteadvanced, wcdmahspa, gsm, wifi, etc.

Architecture and design archives download free ebooks. For download cisco epc 3928 manual click the button 31032016 1 grunt has been comigrated. Epc diagram eventdriven process chain diagram mydraw. A detailed description of the nuts and bolts of epc that are required to really get services up and running on a variety of operator networks. May 18, 2018 right now an alternative architecture is in the final stages of standardization. Download epc and 4g packet networks pdf lire livre en ligne. Epc is a globally unique serial number that identifies an item in the supply chain. Download pdf epc and 4g packet networks free online. Download pdf owners reduce risks of construction with designbuild model owners and project managers can use designbuild to limit the risks of new construction and capital improvements.

Network working group internetdraft intended status. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Top 10 considerations for a successful 4g lte evolved. The shapes used in epc diagrams vary greatly, however there are some very specific ones which define the eventdriven process diagrams. Online charging architecture in lte epc communication networks us8787174b2 en 20091231.

Find out what the components of an rfid system are, what role each component plays in the overall rfid architecture, and what physical forms the components may. Epc stands for eventdriven process chain diagram and is used to visualize and plan business processes. Improvements are proposed to achieve an optimal flat network architecture. In gsm, the architecture relies on circuitswitching cs. Where the standalone sa architecture allow new radios to be connected direct to a new 5g core with new interfaces. Epc, although often identified as an lteonly mobility management core, was designed from its inception with the mandate that it support all types of network access, and provide device and service mobility across all networks. System architecture evolution national chengchi university. Online charging architecture in lteepc communication networks us8787174b2 en 20091231. Hongbo qin school of management engineering, zhengzhou universi ty, henan vocational college of judicial police officers. The evolved ran eutran consists of a single node, the enodeb that interfaces with the ue.

The goal of the epc is higher throughput, lower latency, simplified mobility between thirdgeneration partnership project 3gpp and non3gpp networks, enhanced service control and provisioning, and efficient use of network resources. This document covers the long term evolution lte wireless technology. The document presents a general overview of lte technology market followed by a focused discussion on evolved packet core epc testing. Epc was previously called sae system architecture evolution. Evolved packet core epc for communications service providers 3 the 3rd generation partner project 3gpp defines the details of the epc architecture, functional elements, and interface requirements. Security assessment of epcglobal architecture framework. Epc eventdriven process chain diagram shapes mydraw. Explore the unique features of epc which render it highly applicable to a distinct group of project types. The epcglobal architecture framework specification provides a detailed description of the entities and their interfaces. The concept of v2x includes communication between vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to pedestrian, vehicle to infrastructure that is a road side unit rsu stationary entity providing v2x applications support to other vehiclesues same. Lte calls for a transition to a flat, allip core network with open interfaces, called the evolved packet core epc. Long term evolutionevolved packet core lteepc is a system that will follow on from. Epc integration with policy and charging architecture. Lte epc architecture free download as powerpoint presentation.

The pdf file contains the latest print edition of the epc currently the 16th, published in june 2016 and so does. Although developed as part of the aris architecture of integrated information systems, the epc found far wider use in modern days. This paper proposes a flexible and novel architecture of internet of things iot in a high density and mobility environment. Telecommunications engineers will need to understand the new sae epc architecture and its tendency towards automatic configuration, but the complexity, length and dryness of the standards documents make it difficult for them to find the information they need. Simple, scalable, resilient architecture using optimal resources and support. Owners reduce risks of construction with designbuild model. As stated above, the epc is designed to support any onaccess technology. The user equipment that is used to connect to the eps, is an lte capable ue accessing eps via the lteuu radio interface enodeb. As a result capital and operational expenditures decrease, thereby trimming the overall cost per megabyte of traffic while improving network performance. The 3 rd generation partnership project 3gpp release 8 standard specifies the 4g evolved packet system eps, which includes the evolved universal terrestrial radio access network eutran, also known as the lte ran and the epc. This means that circuits are established between the calling and called parties throughout the telecommunication network radio, core network of the mobile operator, fixed network. Report developing model esco performance contracts epcs for industrial projects june 2014 guide to performance cont. For download cisco epc 3928 manual click the button 31032016 1 grunt has been comigrated before the fertilizer. Top 10 considerations for a successful 4g lte evolved packet.

Evolved packet core epc for communications service providers. The epc is the latest evolution of the 3gpp core network architecture. Lte epc architecture training zoe talent solutions. Driving a car the cell phone broadband wave kindle release pdf for everyone publication mediafire, rapishare, and looking glass website link. Engineering, procurement and construction epc projects opportunities for improvements through automation presented by robert n. European patent convention epc, implementing regulations and rules relating to fees. The highlevel network architecture of lte is comprised of following three main components. Define a hierarchy of reusable proxy openflow controllers acting as datapaths to the north and controllers to the south. Epcm contract sample construction owners association of alberta. Epc and 4g packet networks written by five ericsson experts on the evolved packet core epc technology and its market deployment as part of 4g mobile broadband networks, this books gives an indepth overview of the epc architecture and its connections to a wide variety of access technologies including lte, lteadvanced, wcdmahspa, gsm, cdma.

Epc appendix g forms key personnel confidentiality appendix. Download epc and 4g packet networks ebook pdf or read online books in pdf, epub. Modified epc global network architecture of internet of. After providing an insightful overview of saes historical development, the book gives detailed explanations of the epc architecture and key concepts as an introduction.

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