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In year 8 and 9, you will be given access to a software application online fast tomato that help you investigate careers choices. Year 9 subject booklet 2019 swan christian college. Each page includes examples and tips on a topic, with differentiated questions. A homework project booklet designed to allow students to complete project based tasks over the course of the year. On the last page there is a timetable of revision sessions which will take place. The software has 278 interactive exercises spanning 18 chapters that cover arithmetic revision, fractions and decimals, integers, algebra, equations, ratios, indices. Year 10 interactive maths mathematics or math second edition by g s rehill. Gcse maths foundation revision booklet ks4 maths twinkl. See the back of this booklet for an example weekly revision template. Year 9 summer examination season gcse revision and preparation guide inside the examination hall place belongings at the back of your row and locate your seat sit down, get your equipment out check the details on the front of your paper face the front, remain in silence managing exam stress. Practice 1 practice 2 practice 3 practice 4 practice 5 extension probability practice questions, with answers on a second sheet. The software has 337 interactive exercises spanning 18 chapters that cover the distributive law, linear equations and inequalities, pythagoras theorem, linear graphs, simultaneous.

Revise all gcse work done from starting gcse in the summer term of year 9 up to the end of the. Complete practice exam questions from the papers we have provided you. Analysis of an extract, using pee sentences b transactional writing 30 minutes. This is revision booklet 1 with practice questions and answers to help prepare your child for the transfer test entrance exams aqe common entrance assessment or the pptc gl assessment. Its packed with concise, studentfriendly explanations of every topic, backed up with plenty of stepbystep examples, plus grade information on the 91 scale to show the difficulty level of each topic. Year 1 revision booklet the english school, nicosia. You have been studying for these exams since arriving at arthur mellows village college. Downsend school year 5 easter revision booklet this booklet is an optional revision aid for the summer exam name. Year 9 maths exam preparation workbook max series volume 1. Year 8 interactive maths software, mathematics software or. Monday 23 january friday 3 february 2017 in this assessment window you will take tests, under examination conditions, in your learning sessions. Selection of handy revision sheets that summarise key areas of learning for the key stage 3 curriculum.

In year 7 you will have been challenged to think about the careers that are linked to the different subjects you study and will have participated in some introductory enterprise and careers related activities. Bang up to date for the new grade 9 1 edexcel specification, this new revision guide is the perfect companion to gcse chemistry. English literature of mice and men historical context. This checklist tells you exactly what needs to be learnt and could be examined in each topic.

On the last page there is a timetable of revision sessions which will take place during study leave. Until then, you can view a complete list of year 9 objectives below. Revision home home ks3 subjects revision toolkit parentcarer information. Revise computer science offers revision courses that are mapped to the major gcse exam boards, ocr, aqa, edexcel and eduqas. I used these revision booklets for my middle ability year 9 who just started the new gcse curriculum, but can be edited for any class learning these topics.

There are also practice questions at the end of each page to test students on what they. Skills available for australia year 9 maths curriculum ixls year 9 skills will be aligned to the australian curriculum soon. English revision materials your year 8 english examination will be split into two sections. Please take the time to read it carefully and try some of the tips inside. Use the following revision materials to revise each section. Sats revision it is not long until sats week and the websites and files below will help you as you revise over the two week break. This booklet has been made to help you get ready for your year 9 exams. Complete the multiple choice quiz booklets and the case study quizzing booklet. In year 9 students follow a very broad and balanced curriculum so that students gain a wide variety of knowledge, understanding and skills. Maths edexcel revise edexcel gcse 9 1 mathematics foundationhigher revision guide. There are lots of tips and hints to make sure that the time you spend revising is effective.

Year 9, we aim to offer a one off revision technique session to support them in their. The mind map software is available for use in school. The software has 208 interactive exercises spanning 16 chapters that cover whole numbers, powers and roots, multiples and factors, fractions, algebra, decimals. However, it requires a lot of application, dedication and time to ensure you cover all the areas that might appear on your exam. Track students progress on a range of topics over the weeks to see if they are improving. This new edition of cgps foundation level edexcel gcse maths revision guide is banguptodate for the latest grade 91 course. Booklets include objectives, tasks, outcomes, success criteria, assessment opportunity and an introduction of how to use them effectively. Ks3 ict quizzes learning and teaching year 7, year 8 and. Revision home home ks3 subjects revision toolkit parentcarer information subject knowledge organisers. Buy gcse physical education revision guide for the grade 91 course cgp gcse pe 91 revision by cgp books isbn. County upper curriculum year book year 9 20192020 this booklet is for parents and students and it outlines the contents of the curriculum the methods used when assessing students work key dates within the academic programme year 9 curriculum german 3 ppw english 4 ppw design technology 2 ppw mathematics 4 ppw. Focussed revision sessions will be offered nearer the exam. Revise for cap 1a by completing a range of revision activities and revising through your notes and online resources used in the lesson. Year 9 options booklet 2020 2022 thamesmead school.

You will only have exams in maths, english and science. Average year 9 students usually work at level 34 average year 10 students usually work at level 45. Subject knowledge organisers bscs ks3 revision website. Downsend school year 5 easter revision booklet this booklet is an optional revision aid for the summer exam. Fun ks3 ict revision quizzes to teach students in year 7, year 8, and year 9 ict stands for ice cream tuesdays. The revision courses come in two versions and their features are outlined below. This brilliant new edition of our foundation level gcse maths revision guide is banguptodate for the latest grade 91 course. Exam revision is a difficult thing to master but the important thing to note is that it can be mastered. It would be good to give your brain a maths and english workout everyday before doing all the other fun things you have planned for the holidays. Year 9 computing homework booklet teaching resources. Great to use before an exam in class or as extra support. This revision booklet is meant for revision in class and some of the work will be set for prep. Practice exams here are two exams that are the same length and difficulty as the final exams, with answers for each of the four sections. Weve condensed the content to what you actually need to know for your exams.

The exam revision lists below have been provided to give you the chance to get on top of your revision, during the holidays. Dear year 11 student, this booklet is intended to help you revise and achieve the best possible grade for all of your exams. Daily work to keep sharp will make you a confident mathematician. Draw up a schedule for your revision sessions in school 5. Maths homework booklet y89 higher ability teaching. Once enrolled on a course, you can access it via the student dashboard, along with a variety of progress tracking and performance analysis. Information will not be moved from short to long term memory without practice, revision, drills, and coding. Or scan this code to be taken to my secondary 1 science webpage. Revision revision guide year 11 guide year 10 year 9. He knows everything that has happened and that will happen. Physics igcse 2012 exam revision notes by samuel lees and adrian guillot 1. Arthur mellows village college this booklet has been made to help you get ready for your year 9 exams. Work out the value of y when x 0, x 1, x 2, then use the pattern to work out the rest.

These tests will be used to work out a gcse grade we anticipate you will get at the end of year 11. Communications technology is a vital tool in the modern world and the learners of the royal school for the deaf, derby are ideally placed to. Dont forget to connect the coordinates with a straight line. So far more than 3 lakh students have passed out from cdac. Buy ks3 maths year 9 workbook collins ks3 revision edition by collins ks3 isbn. It actually means information communications technology. Revision toolkit parentcarer information subject knowledge organisers bradley stoke community school part of the olympus academy trust. Study and revision may be issued as homework, however, should form part of an evenings routine. We see year 9 as a preparation stage for gcses, when students are laying down the core skills and knowledge that will enable them to achieve excellent outcomes when they progress into the examination stage.

The year 9 exams will take place in the week commencing 15th january 2018 and an exam timetable will be provided when we come back to school in january. Year 9 study skills booklet newbridge integrated college. It will allow you to help them plan their studies and revision, and gives you suggested examples of wider reading and extension activities to try at home. Our science revision guides are simple and clear learning resources designed to improve understanding for students of all abilities. Its packed with concise, friendly explanations of every topic, backed up with plenty of stepbystep examples. Your teacher can also create classes and set homework for any revision topic. Casio scientific calculator if youtube is blocked at your school you can access the videos using this link. In the reading section, you will be given one of the power and onflict poems to analyse and compare to another poem. The exam could include the required practicals covered so far and relevant maths skills. Year 9 end of year revision booklet reading section. Complete the changing economic world development, licnee and uk economy work booklets. Written by oak ukrit oak is the senior mathematics teacher at matrix education and has been teaching for. There is more extensive advice on how to construct a mind map in the year 8 revision booklet on the school website.

Please use this email address if you need help accessing school software. As were all in different countries the year level corresponds to the number of years at school. Science revision guides pocket posters educational. In this revision pack there are revision sheets summarising each topic, as well as keyword sheets for each topic.

Download and prepare for your cbse class 9 examinations and score more with best free study material here. Year 1 revision booklet 20182019 dear students, as you enter into the final phase of this academic year, you should reflect on your efforts and achievements in the first two terms, and begin your systematic revision for endof year exams. This was so she would be pure and be able to give birth to jesus. Ks3 revision and practice build a strong foundation for gcse 9 1 by using collins ks3 revision and practice packed with lots of practice and testing throughout. Revision of tasks already completed in class andor for prep is obviously fine and encouraged. However, having a solid revision plan in place, managing.

Year 9 students should expect some homework in electives as appropriate to the course. Booklet 1 information our revision booklets are designed to cover all maths and. Adjective verb adverbs human features or movements. Year 7 interactive maths software, mathematics software. It is written by the experienced australian mathematics author and teacher, g s rehill. Information handling software dtp software web and presentation software. The science pocket posters contain key curriculum content and engaging visuals to enhance the learning process. I used these revision booklets for my middle ability year 9 who just started the new gcse curriculum, but can be edited for any class learning. Year 9 exams revision lists the year 9 exams will take place in the week commencing 15th january 2018 and an exam timetable will be provided when we come back to school in january. Aug 31, 2016 i used these revision booklets for my middle ability year 9 who just started the new gcse curriculum, but can be edited for any class learning these topics. Contents include algebraic expressions, linear equations, linear inequalities, linear graphs, simultaneous equations, probability, geometry, surds, consumer arithmetic, indices, factorisation techniques, rational expressions, quadratic equations, quadratic functions, measurement, trigonometry, statistics. You should use your books, revision guides, online revision resources and websites like bitesize and. Immaculate conception mary was conceived without original sin because god blessed her.

The national curriculum has been adapted and adjusted for nayland college to suit the nature of students and prepare students for the new realigned standards at ncea level 1. This booklet has been put together to allow you to understand the curriculum your child will study in year 9. Algebra including lines, measurement, number and geometry. During ks3, youll have to use computers more frequently to produce your work. The entire course is explained clearly, and concisely, with brilliant coverage of all the new required practical activities, maths skills and advice on working scientifically. As students get older it becomes increasingly difficult for parents to help with their homework. From monday 23rd march, until further notice, toot hill school will only be open for children of key workers and vulnerable groups. The kings school grantham correspondence to parents. Year 9 interactive maths software, mathematics software or. Year 9 maths algebra worksheet factorisation techniques. This booklet provides you with details of the curriculum that your son daughter will follow in year 9 at jfs. To subscribe, simply rightclick on the link below, click copy shortcut and then paste the url into your feed reader software. So, for example, a worksheet for year 11 is for students in their 11th year of school. Our teacherwritten quizzes make enjoyable learning and revising for english, maths, science, art, citizenship, geography, history, ict, spelling and many other topics.

Year 9 summer examination season gcse revision and preparation guide preparation for examinations all of the staff at school understand the importance of these examinations and are here to support you however possible. Therefore, please do not go ahead and complete tasks unless you have specifically been asked to do so by your teacher. Each year, thousands of students and professionals are trained at these centres, enhancing their knowledgebase and equipping them with the latest methodologies in advanced computing so as to make their mark in the ict industry. This booklet is designed to give you detailed information about the curriculum your child could study in years 9, 10 and 11. Revision list for summer exam topic junior maths bk 3 place value chapter 3 special numbers squares, square roots, cubes, cube roots, factors, multiples, primes. Year 9 aqa gcse chemistry revision booklet use this booklet to help you with your revision in preparation for your year 9 chemistry examination. This will allow you to make your own copy and edit if. Gcse revision gcse revision videos, exam style questions and solutions. Ks3 subjects in years 7, 8 and 9 can be a real chore when you are between 11 and 14 years old theres so much to do in life. Year 9 end of year revision booklet kingdown school.

Gcse physical education revision guide for the grade 91. This will allow you to make your own copy and edit if you wish. Year 10 biology revision list 2018 you will be examined on content from year 9 and 10, chapters 1 9 inclusive of your text book pages 2143 please use the exam specification 8461 subject content pages 1741 as a revision checklist. You can use the knowledge organisers and the revision mats to help you to complete this.

This chapter covers surds, simplification of surds, entire surds, operations with surds, multiplication of surds, the distributive law and rationalisation of the denominator. Throughout the year your ictcomputer science teacher will set a number of pieces of homework from this booklet. Revision guide year 11 current revision guide year 10 revision guide year 9 english language eduqas gcse wjec eduqas english language by cgp. Where appropriate each worksheet is given a year level that it is applicable to. If you lose this booklet then you can find a pdf version on the ict.

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