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One appears hardy, but both equal in knock down drag out. The effects are both psychedelic and soothing, making it easier to block out distractions. This menacing looking strain is a pure indica descendant of o. Ontario, canada, outdoor growers thread thcfarmer cannabis. Then the young seedlings were moved into the actual grow room that. Ive trimmed the roots so it wouldnt clog sprinklers. The snowy light green nugs mimic the minty, piney aroma. Not only does it have excellent medical potential, its also a great smoke for recreational users as well. All postings are the responsibility of their authors. There are two real phenotypes, one is a bit more hardy and lankier but both equal in effect. This strain of cannabis has bright, lime green leaves with a hint of purple flowers, making it easy to recognize. This strain is also very easy for amateurs to grow, and is relatively uncomplicated allinall, and when grown outdoors is happy everywhere as long as it is exposed to a dry and warm climate.

Its smoothness and wellrounded balance of favorable sensations and useful health benefits are huge contributors to its success. This is a beautiful powerful plant of medium height. Woman but it wasnt up to my standards to keep it around or do a grow report on it. Ive also already topped 4 of the plants and i have super cropped. My weedar almost had me pass on this strain, but im sure glad i gripped the. For the everyday user, the high of this herb is psychedelic yet energetic.

Dark green with deep red hairs, the leaves wrap around the dense buds with white crystals. Confidential strain by dna genetics has gained popularity over the years and rightly so. Confidential is a highly potent thc strain by haven st. Confidential is a great medicinal strain that helps alleviate pain and eliminate insomnia. Great for nighttime use, this strain produces strong sleepy and relaxed effects. Woman is very unstable and tend to hermi, this is even when conditions are right, i ve only done 5 seeds so i am not an expert by any means but you get a good idea what the genetics should be like in 5 or so seeds imo. The flavor goes from being piney to sweet and earthy. Confidential is known for its relaxing body stone that will leave your body feeling at ease, while also providing an almost psychedelic cerebral high.

Confidential cannabis for patients that are dealing with pain and anxiety. The plant has massive dark green fan leaves, is disease and moldresistant, and yields well with proper care. This kush cannabis strain is a fave among medical marijuana patients because of its low 0. It not only boasts a kickass name but also packs enough power for the title of strain of the year in 2006.

By 7 to 8 weeks theyll have finished flowering, and although the yield is less than average, the nugs are quality. Both strains are purebred, which makes for a very tasty and heavy pure indica offspring and experience. Ive tried several strains from seedsman and this ones my favorite so far for indoor grow. She has a flowering time of 78 weeks and can produce yields of 450gm. I ordered 12 seeds, all of which germinated in 24 hours and so far have been very eager to grow. Its simpleto grow feminized seeds flower and produce resin profusely in 8 to 9 weeks. The high is very psychedelic and heady, but also induces powerful physical euphoria and relaxation which becomes more pronounced with every hit. Confidential feminized seeds how to grow marijuana. Policy wallet terms of service agreement perkscoin prc rewards program advertising rules. Confidential seeds are an award winning marijuana strain that proudly shows her og kush heritage. Confidential weed will reward you well if you let her veg a bit longer. All the rest i expect to be poking out by tomorrow.

The high is very psychedelic and heady, but also induces powerful physical euphoria and. The taste is smooth and piney, with a classic skunky aroma. It is resistant to almost all types of mildew and molds and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Confidential is the child of dna genetics seeds and is a cross of o. I just took the top of a confirmed female for a clone. Resistant to mildew, this strain can be forced to flower at three to four feet if the top is clipped early on. I gave 4 plants away to someone to keep the strain alive elsewhere, just incase i like it as much as i hope i will it. The result is a cannabis hybrid with medicinal virtues that help fight insomnia as well as muscle pain. Some report that its psychedelic effects are also quite intense, inspiring bursts of. Its a mixture of indica and sativa, which hails a high thc content level of 19% to 25%. This weed is 3rd place winner for best indica at cannabis cup 2004 awards and 2nd place winner in 2005. But the taste, smell and potency are far from regs and provided strong medicinal effects instantly. It is an indicadominant hybrid that stems from heirloom genetics, and i found this particular batch on my recent trip to sfvdm in van nuys, ca. This site is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

This particular batch was grown by buds and roses using vegamatrix growing techniques. However, it wasnt just hugely popular for its name. The yield isnt awesome but im just growing for personal use. Keep the lower canopy free of bud sites or extra foliage, as they will detract from the quality cannabis on top. The result is 100% indica with a short flowering time and great medical properties. Then the young seedlings were moved into the actual grow room that was equipped. This strain produces nearly psychedelic effects and a powerful body high. Its simpletogrow feminized seeds flower and produce resin profusely in 8 to 9 weeks. There are two real phenotypes of the confidential and they will both finish in 4556 days. Regular users may find its effect psychedelic and invigorating. It is an indicadominant hybrid that stems from heirloom genetics. Its flowers have a very nice look, as its leaves are purple and the buds have a front green hue. Sensi seeds recommends expecting a flowering time of 4550 days.

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