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Star trek continues is a successful, nonprofit, fanbased webseries. This is a standalone level and does not include any other level in combination. April 19, 2014 by warner todd hustonby warner todd huston. I have been a real star trek fan for more years than i care to remember. Hier findet ihr aktuelles aus dem sto universum viel spa. Swag has arrived, the booth is almost ready and the shuttle is getting loaded with all that is needed to see you in dortmund from april 27 th to april 29 th. First produced in 20, the 11 episode series star trek continues also looked to chronicle the lost seasons of star trek. Jun 05, 2017 star trek continues announces release dates and titles for their final three episodes. The consistently excellent web series star trek continues has put out its eighth episode, still treads the shadow, and as usual, it does not disappoint. By entering the destination star trek germany, you agree that you may be photographed and filmed by the press. Star trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by cbs studios inc. With star trek continues 20 sorted by release date ascending. The official star trek website and gateway to the final frontier. This release was designed to coincide with the theatrical launch of the latest star trek film, star trek into darkness.

All episodes available for free download through torrents. The coolest star trek reboot youre probably not watching cnet. Apr 27, 20 34 things wrong with star trek the videogame updated carol pinchefsky former contributor opinions expressed by forbes contributors are their own. The further adventures of the crew of the uss enterprise.

Backers will be included on our special backer page on the star trek continues website. Zoe saldana attends the star trek into darkness premiere at. Star trek continues webseries by far from home, llc. Return with us to dortmund from 9th 11th october 2020, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. Our pilot episode is completed and will be released to supporters in the very.

Why is star trek continues not having the same trouble as. I enjoyed the first rebooted star trek movie in 2009 but really didnt like the follow up star trek into darkness. Star trek continues is a successful, nonprofit, fanbased webseries finishing the final two years of the original 5year mission. Free star trek fonts free fonts search and download. Europes official star trek convention, destination star trek germany, will offer fans the. The star trek fan film universe is a little more complex. The motion picture, and wrote novelizations for the 2009 star trek film and its first sequel, star trek into darkness. The destination star trek germany has a lot of press and media. Star trek in germany the original series the omega sector bbs. The enterprise bridge there have been many tributes and parodies of the original star trek series over the years, but few have approached the obsessive detail of star trek continues, a. With vic mignogna, todd haberkorn, christopher doohan, grant imahara. Quotes on watching his own films i am critical of myself like everyone else. The uss enterprises historic fiveyear mission continues with all new episodes of the original series.

Star trek continues is a nonprofit, fan produced webseries that was launched in may 20 with its first episode, pilgrim of eternity. Cbs and paramount release super uncool star trek fan film guidelines. Voyager elite force is a video game published in 2000 on windows by activision publishing, inc its an action game, set in a scifi futuristic, shooter, licensed title and fps themes. Alternatively, use the tick boxes to select only the releases you wish to view and then click apply filter. Star trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by cbs studios, inc. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with cbs, paramount pictures, or any other star trek franchise, and is a noncommercial fanmade film series intended for recreational use. Destination star trek germany recap star trek online.

Apr 20, 2018 we are getting closer and closer to destination star trek germany, and the star trek online away team is performing our final preparations for the convention. The next generation companion book by larry nemecek, dr. Star trek is an american media franchise based on the science fiction television series created by gene roddenberry. This was the first german star trek horspiel radio play podcast from 2009 to 20. Cbs and paramount release super uncool star trek fan film. Star trek continues feature, part 1 if only i always found it eerily appropriate that this twoword piece of dialog, spoken by captain kirk at the end of the final tos episode turnabout intruder in 1969, was the last line uttered for the entire original star trek series run. Paramount pictures and its licensees are the only organizations legally allowed to create commercial products with the star trek name and trademark. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. Really, just about anyone can watch an episode and find it interesting.

New voyages and continues where the original series left off. The lighting and color of the highly accurate sets accentuate the equally detailed props and costumes, matching the original series that ran from. The series developer and producer is popular anime voice actor vic mignogna, who also plays the role of kirk. Star trek continues is an american fancreated web series set in the star trek universe. Spanish and portuguese hard coded subtitled versions also available.

For those whove never seen the multiaward winning star trek continues, dont dismiss it as just a fanmade web show. Star trek continues announces release dates and titles. The first television series, called star trek and now known as the original series, debuted on september 8, 1966 and aired for three seasons on nbc. Remaster in 2010, the process was completed and all films were. Lieutenant commander level, plus oneofakind original, markedup galley page proofs of the original classic 1992 blue cover star trek. Since the implementation of the guidelines, we have stopped all crowdfunding activities and have focused strictly on completing the four episodes which had already been funded as of that time by fans donations to. Oct 10, 20 the enterprise bridge there have been many tributes and parodies of the original star trek series over the years, but few have approached the obsessive detail of star trek continues, a fan.

Star trek 20 for pc cheats cheatbook is the resource for the latest tips, unlockables, cheat codes, easter eggs, hints and secrets to get the edge to win. The lighting and color of the highly accurate sets accentuate the equally detailed props and. Episode 1 was released in the summer of 20, see below. This means that many film crews, cameramen and photographers are constantly on the go, among others, from our mediapartners. Theyve got the costumes, the hairdos, the props, and even the lighting right. To quote from the blog on their official web site as cbsparamount has made clear, the guidelines are not laws. Star trek continues announces release dates and titles for their final three episodes. Star trek continues webseries by far from home, llc kickstarter. Its a bittersweet time for followers of the groundbreaking fan series star trek continues. Picking up from where the original 5year mission leftoff, a new cast continues the adventures of this legendary crew. Aug 24, 2015 star trek renegades is an independent fan funded and supported internet television series, produced by sky conway. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor star trek continues on vimeo. Mp4 torrent download,torrent hash is d992e19bc9d347a4fc301776efc5a9736b4e1611.

The fan film community is a vibrant, inspired galaxy of amateur filmmakers who, like many pro filmmakers today, focus their creative energies on iconic fictional universes. In the mid1960s, one sciencefiction series was made that would later become the most popular scifi series in the world. Recently the second episode of a fanmade reboot or more properly a continuation of the original kirkspock star trek appeared online and, as with this troupes first episode, this one was quite a success. S enterprise ncc1701a, remote control drone with lights and sounds, 2. The star trek continues webseries boldly completes the original fiveyear mission.

Featuring the beautiful vineyards of chateau picard, this tee is. I had bad skin as a teenager and i am a shy person, but i think i am in the perfect business to fight my insecurities. You can be there when the mission continues march 714, 2021. Why is star trek continues not having the same trouble. Fan production star trek continues recreates the original series with incredible attention to detail. Continues use crm relating to star trek but dont profit from it so cbsparamount has had no reason to step in, axanar studios was profiting so cbsparamount sued. This article deals with fanmade productions or fan films using elements of the star trek franchise. Apr 19, 2014 but an interesting aspect of the episode is that it made to correct a star trek original sin, of sorts. The fan production star trek continues, a new tos era fan film led by anime voice actor vic mignogna as kirk and features chris doohan as mr. A german star trek fan club effort, including a number of shorts and crossover.

Mere months away from a potential historic decision in the united states presidential election, star trek continues seventh episode, embracing the winds, wades directly into the debate of gender. The sweet part is that we will be served with four new fulllength episodes from this production team in the matter of just seven months. Star trek continues e09 what ships are for on vimeo. Picard chateau picard vineyard logo womens triblend dolman tshirt is the perfect tee to wear while enjoying a delicious glass of red wine from chateau picard. Superauthentic star trek fan series warps into kickstarter. He also conceived the story which became star trek. Oct 31, 2018 watch star trek into darkness 20 on netflix in germany. Watch with people around the world, or get your own personal movie theater to watch privately or with friends. A series dedicated to recreating tos, continues is one of the bestknown fan. Star trek continues announces release dates and titles for. The original series replicating their visual and storytelling style. However, this is back to the standard of the first one, with the action and humour we associate with the captain kirk and his crew version. Also newly released available for download from star trek phase ii, kitumba in high definition with. Kirk struggles with aiding a society whose inhabitants view their isolated world in a very unique way.

The star trek reboot continues with this action sequel that finds kirk and spock fighting a terrorist threat to starfleet aided by an unlikely ally. This is the second episode from the new web series, star trek continues, starring vic mignogna as captain kirk, todd haberkorn as spock, larry nemeck as mccoy, and chris doohan as scotty son of the original star trek actor james doohan. The stardate collection is simply the consolidation of these two star trek boxed sets. Kirk is recalled to starbase where he faces an ethical dilemma that challenges the very core of starfleet command. Produced by the nonprofit charity trek continues, inc. The new voyages a fan series based set in the star trek universe. Fan films cover all franchises and properties, with some of the most elaborate productions riffing on major properties like batman, xmen, transformers, and beyond.

Consequently, these fan productions are unauthorized and subject to legal issues. Oct 04, 2014 i thought id write a posting about the history of star trek tos in this case in germany maybe you find it interesting to learn how different some aspects were for fans over here. Abrams and written by roberto orci, alex kurtzman, and damon lindelof. Star trek into darkness is a 20 american science fiction action film directed by j. These are the new voyages of the starship enterprise. It is the twelfth installment in the star trek film franchise and the sequel to the 2009 film star trek, as the second in a rebooted film series. Fan production star trek continues releases first episode. With star trek continues 20 sorted by release date. Interesting how star trek has fans all over the world. The videos, the promotion thereof, andor any other materials created by star trek continues are not. Zoe saldana attends the star trek into darkness premiere at cinestar on april 29, 20 in berlin, germany. The best website for free highquality star trek fonts, with 27 free star trek fonts for immediate download, and 24 professional star trek fonts for the best price on the web. The coolest star trek reboot youre probably not watching. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading star trek.

This case is not about using ed material, its about profiting off the use of ed material. The cast of star trek continues dare to recreate a scene that william shatner and leonard nimoy acted out, line for line, from the end of mirror. The star trek web pages on this site are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Episodes are planned to be 4560 minutes long, with audio in german with english subtitles. One of the most ambitious fan film projects, creator james. Far from home, llc is raising funds for star trek continues webseries on kickstarter. Continues, a new trek series, beams down with exciting adventures of the federations most heroic crew led by captain james t.

The 12 discs 10 movies and 2 bonus discs are packaged in two trifold cardboardplastic disc holders, which in turn slide into a sturdy cardboard box, taking up very little shelf space. Star trek in germany the original series the omega. Cherrypicking the best, or what the people in charge considerred the best, and suitbale for german audiences. Star trek was released in the united states on april 23, 20, and three days later in europe. It was an amazing weekend and the entire crew is glad that they got the chance to meet all of you.

Destination star trek germany is back for 2020 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of star trek voyager in style. Were living in the golden age of star trek webseries. What started as a simple television series went on to develop into a massive franchise of 726 tv episodes, 12 movies, many novels, dozens of. Canada, germany, france, spain, sweden, the netherlands, australia, and japan. As of december 20, this group has produced several films. Even so, this massive body of work continues to exist and grow. For technical reasons, only the original theatrical releases were upgraded into the new format. Resulting in the perfect setting for guests to enjoy oneofakind nightly shows presented by star trek actors, star studded panel discussions, star trek movies and episodes at the pool deck theater, costume parties, cosplay competitions and more. In 1972, one of the two national public tv stations, zdf, acquired the rights on 26 episodes of a p. November 1, 2018, love trek, a short film in german about two trekkies finding each other.

Star trek also was popular in south africa, one of the first tv shows. You go to a movie theater and you are forty feet high. Larrys background includes having been editor of the official fan clubs fan magazine. Syfy 11 star trek fan films, ranked 11 star trek fan. The star trek films started to be released in the bluray disc format in 2009, as paramount pictures began the process of remastering the first ten films to meet the hd standards needed for the format. All the star trek continues enterprise crew needs is. Oct 10, 20 superauthentic star trek fan series warps into kickstarter. Get premium, high resolution news photos at getty images.

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