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He told me that buddhism makes him a better christian. Order of inspector shan books inspector shan is the protagonist in a series of mystery novels by american novelist eliot pattison. The three minds and four modes of practice among shan tao s teachings are the three minds and four modes of practice for pure land buddhism. Huiyuans role is amply documented and shows his influence on other scholars, notably shan tao. The books are woven with cultural insight, reverence, political intrigue, oppression, great cruelty, personal heroism, and even greater kindness. The dharma bums, jack kerouac s book about the beat generation, boosted the religions popularity, especially among young americans. Jan 02, 2019 this book is, as the title shows, an attempt to explain the meaning of faith and nembutsu in accordance with the teaching of our school. But master shantao was the one and only person who clarified the true intent of the buddha. Now that you have seen several buddhist books for beginners that can help you, what about some free resources. Hsing yuns stated position within fo guang shan is that it is an amalgam of all eight schools of chinese buddhism. Shan tao yun is a chinese detective who got on the bad side of a powerbroker in the chinese government. Ultimately, such writings marked a change in the way buddhists viewed salvation through amitabha. Tao cho made the fundamental distinction pure land gate and saintly or holy path.

Eliot pattison is a master and one can only wonder about his previous incarnations. Shan tao talks about the three minds sincere mind, deep mind and mind that transfers merit for ojo. Released from internment, shan begins life anew in the mountains of tibet, his companions. Stone inscriptions of the worlds largest book at kuthodaw, myanmar buddhist texts were initially passed on orally by monks, but were later written down and composed as manuscripts in various indoaryan languages which were then translated into other local languages as buddhism spread. The skull mantra book by eliot pattison thriftbooks. The philosophy spread to japan and slowly grew in prominence. He developed the practice of reciting the name of amida buddha nembutsu. Top 10 books on taoism watkins mind body spirit magazine. The western terms scripture and canonical are applied to. He has composed five books including two series of mystery novels. I know nothing about tibetan buddhism and so cannot comment on how well or poorly pattison does at portraying the beliefs and practices of that religion, but at the very least i believe he fully succeeded in creating a convincing portrait of a culture alien both to american readers and, to a great extent, to the book s chinese protaganist, shan tao yun, a former police investigator who is now. At the center of his thinking lies the paradoxical belief that one is beyond salvation, but that, nevertheless, even one beyond salvation can surely be saved by the power of amida buddhas original vow.

The shin buddhist classical tradition book depository. The lord of death inspector shan tao yun book 6 kindle edition by pattison, eliot. His broad productions incorporate in excess of thirty articles on universal themes. Understanding jodo shinshu complete book text misunderstandings of master rennyo complete book text the true and real world of salvation complete book text. First published in 1970, the book s simple approach and plainspoken language have made it timeless. This is the seventh book featuring pattisons recurring character shan tao yun. Shan tao often used imagery such as the light and name of amitabha which embraces all beings. Honen shonin 131212 established pure land buddhism as an independent sect in japan, known as jodo shu. English versions have been produced drawing on recent research in buddhist, historical, and religious studies and on the rich tradition of shin buddhist scholarship.

Shan, an expolice inspector who spent years in a chinese prison, is the intriguing protagonist of this literary thriller set in the stunning and rarely portrayed. Aug 07, 2014 our top10 lists aim to represent a particular topic through the selected outstanding books, balancing classic texts and latest titles, popular books and less known mustreads. But he lost his position, his family and his freedom when he ran afoul of a powerful figure high in the chinese government. Shan tao s commentary on the kuan wuliang shoufo ching. Ordinary mind is tao by buddhism now on 6 october 2017 1. His fellow prisoners were largely tibetan buddhist monks sentenced to hard labor in an effort to remove them from the populace and cure tibet of the unwanted, backward religious thinking. Presenting the parable of the two rivers of greed and anger, he ensured the safeguarding of the shinjin of the universal vow.

Rather, in chapter 2 and later in the book pas details shantaos method of visualizing. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the lord of death inspector shan tao yun book 6. Is there any english translation of shan tao s commentary on the meditation sutra available. Had some of the content been presented in a manner that recognized the reader may be unaware of the concepts dealt with, my rating would have been higher. I know nothing about tibetan buddhism and so cannot comment on how well or poorly pattison does at portraying the beliefs and practices of that religion, but at the very least i believe he fully succeeded in creating a convincing portrait of a culture alien both to american readers and, to a great extent, to the books chinese protaganist, shan tao yun, a former police investigator who is now a. Shan tao was one of the seven great masters, or seven patriarchs jpn. Shan tao s thought laid the major doctrinal foundations for subsequent pure land teaching, most conspicuously in his influence on honen. His perceptions of the roles of these scholars, their interaction, and their challenges are insightful. Corrupt officials sent him to one of the harshest work camps where he was taken under the wing of a tibetan monk. Its surprising that this book is still used in buddhist studies programs and it could explain the commonlyheld view that japanese pure land schools are somehow deficient. Memorial of shan tao zendo daishi this is the anniversary of the death of shan tao zendo daishi, a chinese priest of the tang era who passed away in 681. The verses were written by shan tao zendo in japanese, 618681 ce, the fifth master of shin buddhism. I have been trying to deepen my understanding of master honen, and since the commentary was such a vital influence on him, i figured i would search it out, but to no avail.

Sitting, with a good buddhist novel uu world magazine. Shantao 24 the master of kuangming temple states it is declared in the prajnaparamita sutra preached by manjusri, i will elucidate the samadhi of single practice. Tao sheng, eminent chinese buddhist monk and scholar. Tao sheng studied in the capital city of chienkang nanking under chu fatai, spent seven years with hui yuan in the monastery at lushan, and then went north to changan where, in association with kumarajiva, he became one of the most. Shan was once an police inspector in beijing, but was too good at his job. In the chant shoshin nembutsuge, shinran shonin, the founder of the jodo shinshu sect, expresses gratitude to the seven great masters for helping him understand the universal vow to save all sentient beings. For the sake of beings of this defiled world in the latter age,he called on the buddhas of the ten quarters to bear witness to his teaching. He also included masters tanluan, taocho, shantao jp. Tannisho by yuienbo, also known in english translations as passages deploring deviations of faith or a record in lament of divergences is one of the most significant religious and philosophical works in pure land tradition of buddhism, in so called shin buddhism. His development of the nembutsu as a six character form of vocal recitation was.

The lord of death inspector shan tao yun book 6 kindle. The tang era was a golden age for chinese buddhism, and there was a huge number of monks around at that time. Several organizations offer free online versions of their publications, such as the fo guang shan international translation center fgsitc, the website buddhanet, and more. The skull mantra was the winner of the 2000 edgar award for best new author. His writings had a strong influence on later pure land masters including honen and shinran in japan. In this book, shan and his buddhist mentor and great friend lokesh are snatched by chinese authorities. Would love to see someone out there put in the time and effort to make complete and accurate translations of shan tao s works without such bias and agenda.

Through unique exhibitions and cultural activities, we seek to interweave buddhist art and culture, and present our visitors with a platform for art appreciation and spiritual nourishment. Heres a selection on taoism from watkins books shelves, suggested by mike, member of watkins staff. What is the parable of the two rivers and the white path. Albany, state university of new york press, isbn 0791425207. Shan tao classified buddhist practices into the categories of correct and sundry. Shantaos commentary on the kuan wuliangshoufo ching ebook written by julian f. Inspector shan tao yun volume 10 eliot pattison st. Disgraced chines police investigator shan tao yun knows he owes the buddhist monks his life as they have made his insufferable prison exile tolerable. His novel series inspector shan depicts current tibet along with shan tao yum, the former investigator of beijing justice department. Shan tao yun was an investigator in beijing but when he ran afoul of his superiors, he found himself sentenced to a work camp in tibet. Popular buddhism taoism books goodreads share book. Fo guang shan is the most comprehensive of the major buddhist organizations of taiwan, focusing extensively on both social works and religious engagement. Whats worse is that its difficult to filter out the actual text it claims to be translating, ie shantaos commentary on the kuan wuliangshoufo ching which was the whole reason i wanted the book in the first place.

The collected works of shinran has been designed to present the entire body of shinrans doctrinal writings in translations that are consistent in method, lucid, and reliable. Calgary buddhist temple 2008 guide to jodo shinshu teachings and practices 2 1 the life of the buddha 1. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read visions of sukhavati. Shan tao 6681 the third patriarch of the pure land school in china.

Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Bones of the earth is edgar awardwinning author eliot pattisons much anticipated tenth and final installment in the internationally acclaimed inspector shan series. With tanluan in china there appeared the concept of self and otherpower. There is a misconception that buddhism is a religion, and that you worship buddha. Master shantao, calling the buddhas to bear witness, led us to overturn the two minds of meditative and nonmeditative practices. The lord of death inspector shan tao yun book 6 ebook. He had a great influence on shan tao in particular and on chinese pure land buddhism in general through his commentary on the treatise on the sutra of immeasurable life which taught that all beings can be born in the pure land through the great power of amidas vow. Rather, novels with buddhist authors, characters, and themes are showing up across the spectrum of fiction genres. Shan tao dwelt at the monastery of xiangji temple chinese.

All he said was a being may be reborn, through amidas compassion, in the. They include hidden tibet and the tibet from the headlines. Shan tao further commented on the five contemplative nembutsu practices set forth in vasubandhus treatise on the sutra of immeasurable life wangsheng lun by which ordinary persons can achieve birth in the pure land. English translation of juseige from the shin buddhist service book, bca 1994, san francisco. Here it is given in the roman script, though the original is in chinese kambun form and read with sinojapanese readings. Tao te ching, translated by stephen addiss and stanley lombardo deftly introduced.

In water touching stone, the sequel to the internationally acclaimed the skull mantra, shan tao yun is cloistered in a remote tibetan sanctuary when he receives shattering news. John burdetts sonchai jitpleecheep seriesbangkok 8, bangkok tattoo, bangkok haunts random houseand eliot pattisons tibetan inspector shan tao yun seriesthe skull mantra, beautiful ghosts soho crime. Cutting through spiritual materialism by chogyam trungpa, the dhammapada by anonymous, tao te ching by lao tzu, zen min. The key interpreters featured are the seven great teachers from india, china, and japan nagarjuna, vasubandhu. So when they ask him to deliver a religious idol to a sacred place in the yapchi valley, he readily assents to taking the artifact to its home. The book presents the whole chinese pure land buddhist movement at its inception. Shantaos ideas concerning the ordinary deluded person bonpu, the nembutsu, the three kinds of mind sanjin, the three types of karmic relation with amida buddha, the pure land jodo, and the four modes of practice shishin had a central influence on the way honen developed his own pure land teaching. I cannot take issue with the choice as it an expertly written first effort. Parable of the white path with commentary, by shan tao. Buddhist philosophyschools wikibooks, open books for an. Twentysix hymns based on his writings62manifested from the oceanlike great mindwas master shantao. Western authors, however, misrepresent shantao because they follow the lead of japanese jodo shinshu masters who deemphasized meditative practices. Chapter 2 is an excellent essay on the structures of shantaos pure land meditation system. Huiyuans role is amply documented and shows his influence on other scholars, notably shantao.

Tang monk shantao was instrumental in the propagation and popularity of this devotional school. Jul 27, 2015 is there any english translation of shan tao s commentary on the meditation sutra available. It was considered to be an easy way to gain salvation in contrast with the arduous path of selfsacrifice recommended in original buddhism. In the 1950s, beat writers such as gary snyder, allen ginsberg, and kenneth rexroth became interested in zen buddhism at the same time they rejected mainstream american culture. Western authors, however, misrepresent shan tao because they follow the lead of japanese jodo shinshu masters who deemphasized meditative practices. Keeping his own commentary to a minimum, bloom leaves it to his readers to discover the spiritual riches for themselves. Because of the christian association, one might flinch from the idea of being a born again buddhist, but all true spiritual paths are, in one way or another, about being reborn. In his lifetime, shan tao wrote five major works on pure land buddhism, with his commentaries on the contemplation sutra being among the most influential. If this book, like the rest of the shan tao yun books, doesnt move you and make you feel for the plight of the tibetan people then you dont have a heart. A teacher revered by the oppressed has been found slain and, one by one, her orphaned students have followed her to her grave, victims of a killer harboring unfathomable motives. In previous books, shan tao yun was a beijing police inspector but as sometimes happens in public service, he offended a high ranking government official and not long after, woke up in a prison camp. The three refuges in jodo shinshu buddhism youtube. He defined the correct practices to be those directed toward amida buddha and regarded all other practices as sundry practices.

A reader in pure land teaching volume 2 is a truly exceptional collection under the deft and knowledgeable editorship of alfred bloom an ordained shin minister and member of the honpa hongwanji mission, making it strongly recommended reading to students of buddhism, as well as a valued addition to community. Shan tao proposed true practice practices focused on amida buddha and diverse practices. Tsz shan monastery buddhist art museum houses precious buddhist artefacts and objects from across the globe. Zen mind, beginners mind by the founder of san francisco zen center, shunryu suzuki roshi, is one of the undisputed classics of american buddhism. Genshin, honen, selected as doctrinal authorities by shinran 11731263, the founder of the japanese pure land sect. The skull mantra inspector shan tao yun book 1 ebook. Kasulis, ohio state university the shin buddhist classical tradition symbolizes dr. Because of this, master shinran expressed particular respect for him. True shin buddhism teaches that there is no calling greater than attaining shinjin, and moreover, that attaining shinjin is the sole objective of the nembutsu path, reciting namu amida butsu i take refuge in amida buddha singlemindedly and with simple gratitude for the benevolent salvation that we receive in this life with the promise of.

With the hope that old stereotypes will be dropped, this book lets the chinese texts speak for themselves. Shan has embraced their philosophy and way of life. In mandarin gate, edgar award winner eliot pattison brings shan back in a thriller that navigates the explosive political and religious landscape of tibet in an earlier time, shan tao yun was an inspector stationed in beijing. The scriptures of this school promise rebirth in that land to the devotees of that buddha. This is the very work which unfailingly issues in salvation honen quoting shan tao actually, honen offered mankind a simple buddhist practice anybody could use toward enlightenment. Pas makes the important point that shantao did not advocate mere repetition nien fo for any but uneducated beginners or lay persons. Shantaos commentary on the kuan wuliangshoufo ching.

The seven patriarchs of jodo shinshu buddhism master shinran singled out seven masters or patriarchs of pure land buddhism in the millennium prior to his own, beginning with the writings of bodhisattva nagarjuna and continuing to his own mentor, master honen genku. Shan tao s exposition of the method of contemplation on amida buddha, part 3, pacific world, third series, number 3, 277288. Buy a cheap copy of bone mountain book by eliot pattison. The work also exhibits the extensive research and writings by modern japanese scholars in the field. Blooms deep personal wish for this branch of buddhism to be made known to as wide an audience as possible. I met a catholic priest who lives in a buddhist monastery in france. In eliot pattisons skeleton god, shan tao yun, now the reluctant constable of a remote tibetan town, has learned to expect the impossible at the roof of the world, but nothing has prepared him for his discovery when he investigates a report that a nun has been savagely assaulted by ghosts. This became a constant theme in the teachings of both shan tao and honen. But master shan tao was the one and only person who clarified the true intent of the buddha.

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