Polaris 360 pool sweep manual

The polaris 360 is designed to give you years of dependable and efficient service. It features allwheel drive and advanced cleaning technology that is powered by triple jets. Another common cause of flow problems with the 360 is a clogged or dirty pool filter which is not allowing enough flow through the. Why is my polaris 360 pool cleaner floating on the top of. Vac sweep 360 swimming pool vacuum pdf manual download.

Polaris 540000 spa wand oem handheld manual suction pool vacuum cleaner, blue. Today were going to install the polaris 360 automatic pool cleaner. As with all the polaris vacsweep pool cleaners, it can accommodate the tailsweep pro attachment, which prevents the sweep hose from spraying water all over the place and boosts the flow by up to 50%. Parts list they may have an adverse effect on the operation of your polaris or may even damage it. The sweep hose is used to gently, stir up debris on the bottom of the pool. The polaris vacsweep 360 pressureside pool cleaner works in all inground pools and operates without a separate booster pump for maximum energy efficiency. Easy to use interactive parts schematic diagram for the polaris 360 pool cleaner, parts are instock, fast shipping. The polaris vacsweep 360 is slightly different from the 280 and the 380 models because it does not need an extra booster pump in order to function. Troubleshoot the 360 to fix any errors in operation. Polaris 360 pool cleaner install guide poolsupplyworld blog. Like most mechanical devices, the polaris requires periodic adjustments, routine maintenance, and the replacement of certain hardworking parts. On those occasions, you will have to make adjustments to the machine to restore performance.

Lets look at some of the symptoms and solutions of a slow and sluggish polaris 380 pool cleaner. It also traps large debris like leaves and pebbles in its own filter bag. Also make sure the counter float is adjusted properly. This action pulls the polaris cleaner away from pool obstacles. Zodiac brand produces all 3 types of pool cleaners, which are robotic pool cleaners, suction side, and pressure side pool cleaners. Congratulations on the purchase of your new automatic pool cleaner, and thank you for choosing polaris. Approximately every 312 minutes the polaris cleaner goes into backup mode. The polaris 380 is intended for use with a polaris booster pump. If the pool does not have a dedicated return line, the polaris 360 cleaner connects to most common 112 stub pipe connection kit return lines using special adapter kits available for purchase at a participating polaris dealer. While the cleaner rolls around and uses the venturi suctions to pick up all of the larger items. The polaris vacsweep 280 has earned a solid reputation among pool owners as being a truly reliable, lowmaintenance pool cleaner. Vacsweep 360 swimming pool vacuum pdf manual download. Catching debris before it gets to your filtration system helps to. Polaris zodiac 91001011 complete sweep hose 360 pool cleaner 91001011 original.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are experts on the polaris cleaners, if you need any help, dont hesitate to get in touch with us. Before you just toss it and go back to manual cleaning, try your hand at polaris pool cleaner. Frames for polaris inground pressureside cleaners are warranted for five 5 years. It vacuums both the bottom and walls on the pool, while stirring up fine debris on the bottom with the sweep tail. If water isnt coming out of the relief valve, there isnt adequate pressure and refer to your manual for further instructions. The polaris 360 is an automatic pool cleaner for inground pools. Leslies remains committed to providing essential products and services to keep your pool healthy and safe. In this video i go over adjusting the polaris 360 hose length for your pool. The polaris cleaner climbs best in pools without sharp angles or curves in the transition from the pool floor to the pool wall. Easily connected into a dedicated pressure, pool return or solar line provision with no electrical work required. The polaris vac sweep 360 is designed to give you years of dependable and efficient service.

If you dont have a dedicated refer line, please refer to your manual on page 5. This could happen if the water pressure to the polaris is not strong enough, or it could also be that the filter bag is full or otherwise clogged. How to identify which polaris pool cleaner you have. All of these can be solved via polaris pool cleaner troubleshooting. The polaris vacsweep 280 automatic pool cleaner comes ready to connect to a threaded 112 female pipe fitting on a dedicated return line. My pool offers polaris 360 parts diagram, parts list for your polaris 360 pool cleaner. How to troubleshoot a 380 polaris automatic pool cleaner. If the pool does not have a dedicated return line, the polaris 360 cleaner connects to most common return lines using special. Other connections are possible, but they require additional fittings see section b on page 4. Trapping debris in its attached filter bag, the 380 is powered by triple jets and a separate booster pump. We stock all replacement parts for the polaris 360 pool cleaner. The manufacturer recommends polaris tail sweep pro accessory if the polaris tail is shooting water out of the pool. I had to add an extra 8 feet of hose so it would cover the. The polaris 360 pressure side pool cleaner is suitable for in ground pools of all surface types.

A full box of this model includes 360 pressure side pool cleaner, 31 feet hose kit, single chamber filter bag, operating instructions. Polaris 360 repair manual vacuum cleaner axle free 30day. View and download polaris vacsweep 360 owners manual online. Powered by a booster pump, this pressureside cleaner features an extralarge debris intake, dualstage filtration canister and is ideal for all inground pool surfaces. They do sell a stub pipe connection kit but it is best if your pool has threaded return lines. View and download polaris 360 owners manual online. Important information the polaris vac sweep 380 automatic pool cleaner comes ready to connect to a threaded 112 female pipe fitting on a dedicated return line. The tr36p and polaris 360 both work off of your pools existing 1 12 return lines. My polaris is staying in the deep end swimming pool help. As a rule i usually dont mess with the hose length unless a problem.

If you have any questions regarding your polaris vacsweep 360, please feel free to call or write us. This is the second thing that you need for the correct installation, 1 12 threaded return lines. Pool cleaners like the polaris 360 operate off of the pools equipment, relying on the flow of water from the pump to the pool in order to move. Pool cleaner wearandtear items including, but not limited to, bags, filter canisters, tires including track tires, sweep hoses, sweep hose scrubbers, surface disks, shoes, belts, rollers. With the polaris 360, you and your family will spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it. Though it is a useful machine that saves time when cleaning your pool, the 360 does not always operate as intended. Polaris vac sweep 280 automatic pool cleaners sold in the united kingdom are warranted for a period of two years from date of invoicing to the first user.

If it has less than 28 rpm, follow the instructions below. The number of jets will help you determine what series of polaris pool cleaner it is. This is the polaris 360 return side cleaner nonbooster pump model. First, check to see if your swimming pool has a dedicated return line with a 112 female fitting. It sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums all surfaces of the pool. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. How to troubleshoot a polaris 360 backup valve hunker. We purchased a home last october that has a 22 x 37 inground gunite pool, 4 feet at shallow end and 9 feet in the deep end. Buy polaris 360 pool cleaner replacement parts, buy the replacement parts for your polaris 360 pool cleaner. The sweep hose should move in a gentle sweeping motion. The polaris 360 automatic pool cleaner may be on the more expensive side, but. Leslies pool supplies offers a large selection of polaris vacsweep 360 pool cleaner parts to keep your pool cleaner running like new, season after season. Polaris robotic cleaners are warranted for two 2 years.

Powered by 3 vacuum jets, it vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the surfaces of any shaped pool in less than 3 hours. Polaris pool cleaner troubleshooting made easy swim university. The polaris 380 pressure side pool cleaner uses power and durability to sweep, scrub, and vacuum your in ground pool. Adjusting the hose length on a polaris 360 youtube. I just installed a polaris 360 and am having problems. View and download polaris vac sweep 360 owners manual online. If you have only 1 jet, the model would be a polaris 180.

Polaris 91001011 replacement sweep hose complete for polaris 360 pressure side in ground pool cleaner. The polaris 360 pressure pool cleaner provides unparalleled pressurecleaning without the need for a separate booster pump. Zodiac is a brand which is making pool cleaners which will make your pool clean with just pennies per day because they need less energy. Three jets would be the polaris 380, 360 or 3900 model. This one year limited warranty is extended to the original consumer purchaser of this polaris vacsweep 360 automatic pool cleaner manufactured by polaris pool systems, inc. It runs on a dedicated pressure line from the pool pump system. Of course, these are much more likely if you leave your polaris pool cleaner out. The polaris 360 pool sweep automatically runs over the pool bottom picking up debris and dirt. Atie poolsupplytown high density sweep hose scrubber replacement fits polaris 180 280 360 380, 3900 pool cleaner sweep hose scrubber 91003105 5 pack 4. The polaris 360 easily connects to a dedicated pressure line and is suitable for all inground pools.

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