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In latin alphabet basic counterparts equivalents some european and american analogues double diodes. Vacuum tube 5726 6al5w, dual diode twin diode miniature type. Tdsl tube data sheet locator indicates the following tubes are equivalents. Unlike the 19j6 or 5j6 tube, however, numerous manufacturers produced the 6j6 tube in great numbers. The tube testing circuit of the model 5048 is designed to classify receiving type tubes by the emission principle. Tube 6hs6 or rohre 6hs6 id4060, vacuum pentode, miniatur7pinbase b7g, usa 1940 and shown. If you have never used this facility before, click the help link. The filament terminals are connected directly to any convenient point of the 6. Oct 22, 2009 btw, should any cayin a100t amp owner read this and be curious or concerned, i did some tube switching in the amp. He said to change the 6h6 tube, resistors and cap up to specs and it will work like new. In subsequent years the glass foot was used to hold hard metal pins and the all glass valve was born. All of the tubes were visibly upset at any screen voltage above 300 volts.

The 6c5 was in the original set of metal octal tubes from rca. Rca 6a8 and to the rca 6h6 by means of tuned transformers. Tube, 6cd6ga 6ex6 6cd6g tube, 6cd6ga 6ex6 beam power amplifier. This manual is the better one for loctal data some types were moved to obsolete status and into the condensed data section by 1959. Bamaedebris has older tube data under 625supplement and the newer data under 625data which is the 1178 eico 625coletronics data booklet. The sound is rich, full, retaining good resolution and with out diminishing the highs at all. Tube data should, therefore, be checked before replacing a type to be replaced in column 2 with a similar rca type in column 6. Among the full equivalents for the 6j6 tube are many variants of the 6j6 itself. The 6y6 is a 6v6 type and can be used in its place. The beam tetrode design of the 6l6 allowed rca to circumvent philips pentode patent. Welcome to the tube data sheet locator, a popular web resource for finding data on vacuum tubes.

Use of the data booklet may be appropriate for some questions. Substitutes are given as a guide only please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Rca introduced the glass foot with metal envelope can in 1935. The construction is of a pressed glass foot holding the electrodes and sealed into the steel envelope. The 6h6 is the smallest of the metal valves we have seen. The glass enveloped 6h6 valves used pinch construction and were much larger physically. Nos tube specification sheet nos tube specification sheet. I had some and used them in my jks when i had them. Full 1951 tube manual 364 pages, 15mb pdf file introduction forward, table of contents 89kb tube data section 1 0a3 through 6b4g 3.

Data from or other sources as supplied by john atwood. The 6h6 tube socket is mounted under the chassis, below the socket of the second detector. At the time philips had already developed and patented power pentode designs, which were rapidly replacing power triodes due to their greater efficiency. I am working on scanning and placing on this page the entire rca hb3 tube manual. Mullard e182cc would be a vast improvement over the chinese 6n6. Vacuum tube 6h6, diode, twin antique electronic supply. The leadout wires were then attached to the octal base, also introduced in america in 1935. The modulated signal, as obtained from the output of the i f system, is detected by one of the diodes of the rca 6h6 tube. Check out the massive plate in this tube, it wouldnt glow even with 40 watts of dissipation. The 1959 book lost some older tube data, and some of the good info in the appendix, but gained a bunch of picture tube crt data. For the price i paid for it, i took the chance not knowing a whole lot about tube testers in general. A c2h4 b h2s c ncl 3 d sf6 2 the mass spectrum of a sample of lithium shows that it contains two isotopes, 6li and 7li.

The 6a8, 6j7, 6k7, 6l7, and 6f5 were double ended with grid cap. Vacuum tube 5726 6al5w, dual diode amplified parts. There are many other tubes that can be used with the torpedo. The 6h6 is designed for service as a diode detector, automatic volume control rectifier, or as a low. I have more than 100 pieces, most of them were made in 60s and 70s, this batch is from 1962. It does begin to glow at at voltages over 250 to 300 volts depending on the individual tube. The sylvania manuals are in adobe acrobat pdf format. Dieters nixie tube data archive this file is a part of dieters nixie and display tubes data archive if you have more datasheets, articles, books, pictures or other information about nixie tubes or other display devices please let me know. I have a cayin tube amp that uses chinese 6n6 tubes does anyone know of a replacement nos tube that would work as an upgrade. Antique radio forums view topic eico 625 tube tester quetion.

Service data the various diagrams of this booklet contain such information as will be needed to isolate causes for defective operation when such develops. Drop in tube replacement 6n6 v 6cg7 audiogon discussion. The ratings of the resistors, capacitors, coils, etc. Army issue vt6h6ua 6h6 twin diode tube, new old stock, in original box. Click to see all 6sn7 6sn7gt 12sn7 12sn7gt in stock. As of 3505, i have finished scanning the general section, receiving tubes part 1, receiving tubes part 2, miscellaneous, specialpurpose receivingtype tubes, thyratron, ignitron, and glowdischarge tubes, and most of the transmitting tubes, as well as all. Was the cayin designed with a different tube than the one advertised. Supreme model 5043 tube tester general description the supreme model 504 b a complete tube battery and set tester for checking the static condition of radio receivers and parts as a. A few specialquality tubes did not have a standard equivalent, e. The driver stage of the audio system uses an rca 6c5 which is resistance coupled to the first af tube and transformer coupled into the push pull power output stage. The 6j6 tube was part of a series of tubes of the same design, but different heater voltages.

Id1o20b rca interchangeability directory this interchangeability directory of industrial. Description the 6j5p 65 hightransconductance pentode has been designed for h. The other brands of testers that have this circuit design have a solid either selenium, copper oxide, or silicon rectifier instead of the 6h6. Its a common tube to swap in a jim kelley amp, as it handles the higher voltage well, and tames the volume a bit.

This is done by means of heavy wire as these leads support the socket and tube. I have more than 100 pieces, most of them were made in 60s and 70s, this batch is from 1962 complete tube data is in every single box, like big transmitting us wwii tubes. Data for soviet tubes can be found the same way as the other tubes. I just bought a eico model 625 tube tester and the guy i bought it from said that the model 625 testers dont need to be calibrated. Just fwiw, the older super pros sp200, 210, bc779, and 1004 that everyone loved the audio from used a triode connected 6f6 as the driver and triode connected 6f6s for the outpoots. Tube 6h6 or rohre 6h6 id596, double diode, octal int. Manual also includes instructions and 11x17 schematic for model 610 test panel. The thin metal tube envelope is 25 mm in diameter and, excluding the io base.

With almost datasheets and the visitor counter indicates over 4000. Later singleended tubes included the 6sa7, 6sj7, 6sk7 and 6sf5, which included internal shielding to tolerate singleended use in rf circuits, but their. This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and lowpressure gasfilled tubes. The modulated signal, as obtained from the output of the i f system, is detected by one of the diodes of the rca6h6 tube.

Complete tube data is in every single box, like big transmitting us wwii tubes. To put item to basket click on the basket picture or price. Drop in tube replacement 6n6 v 6cg7 audiogon discussion forum. Thanks to frank philipse for supplying the above pdf datasheet. Printed from available copy or scanned from original at 600dpi. It does not have the same wattage ratings and will make the amp clip faster.

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